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Interventional Procedures

Radius is equipped to perform procedures under the guidance of CT or ultrasound for requests such as biopsies, drainages and steroid injections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on CT Scans can be found here

Information on Ultrasound can be found here

Your procedure will be performed by a specialised imaging doctor called a radiologist. The before and after care will be provided by a medical imaging technologist, who will also assist the radiologist.

Preparation is dependent on the type of procedure you are having, and will be explained when you make your appointment. In general, you will undress whatever part of your body needs examination and will be given a gown to change into as necessary. You may want to wear loose, comfortable clothing and may also be asked to remove jewellery, glasses and other metallic items so they do not show up on any imaging.

Some preparations may involve ceasing any blood thinning medication and not driving immediately following your procedure, however this will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

The procedure will be explained to you by the medical imaging technologist and you are encouraged to ask any questions you might have about the procedure before completing a consent form.

In general it is important that you do not move during a procedure as the area will be sterile to limit any risk of infection. Most procedures take less than 30 minutes and you will be made as comfortable as possible. Local anaesthetic is provided to numb the area.

You may be required to remain in the imaging department after your procedure where you will be monitored by staff before going home.


Yes, however due to safety reasons they will be asked to remain outside the room to allow the doctor and technologists to focus on safely performing your procedure.

A report is made by the radiologist who performed your procedure and sent to your doctor within 24-48 hours. Pathology services are also required for some interventional procedures, and these results are also forwarded to your referring doctor. Please note some pathology results may take up to a week.

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